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Recent Rediscoveries

Thanks to YouTube and TCM, I have recently become reacquainted with some movies from the classic period in Hollywood that I haven't seen for decades. Such encounters with films enjoyed as a youth have proven disappointing as time and viewing experience changes our perspective; what was great when I was a teen hasn't been so wonderful four decades later. The three productions discussed here were, upon seeing again, supportive of my original positive opinion of them. These three are indicative of my taste for melodrama and genre entries, but retain qualities that should make them better known.

And so, without further introduction, let us once more appreciate...

Also shown as Wheel of Fortune -- the title under which I initially saw this on New York's WNEW-TV in the early 1970s -- A Man Betrayed was not only an ambitious project for its studio, Republic Pictures, but an important step in John Wayne's rise to superstardom, acquitting himself well in …